Human Shop Synth.

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Human Shop Synth

The future for retail shops. 

With #ShopShare you are not always able to be with clients at our shops. With our remote sensor connected to our mobile app you give them that personal service. 


We are currently working on staff less shops with face recognition and #HumanShopSynths This with are innovative scanners will make you market leaders.

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Investor information

  • Human Synth will be the #1 worldwide vendor of premium consumer Synthetic Humans for the leisure and business markets. We're proud that our name has come to mean quality.

  • We create value for our shareholders through continued development of cutting edge artificial intelligence, helping to make the world a better and more efficient place.

  • Tests conducted in a controlled laboratory environment. Production units may vary.Human Synth take no responsibility for the actions of Synths that are not running the latest firmware update. Factory resets should only be carried out by certified Human Synth technicians.