Human Travel Synth.

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Human Travel Synth

Our latest generation of Synthetic Humans are more powerful than ever before.

Human Synths the will be  #1 worldwide vendor of premium Synthetic Humans for the leisure and business markets. We're proud that our name

has come to mean quality.

All models are fully documented and exhaustively tested before sale, Styles may vary depending on availability. Mass Manufacturing to keep costs low.

  • MODEL NAME  Alex

  • MODEL NO.  Travel Agent 007

  • PROCESSOR  Rix 101 “FirstClass”

  • Users -  Users are able to logon           Travel agents from all over the world are able to transfer themselves into our synths. Chat with their clients in a one to one basis when booking. Human contact is still so important to the lives of millions of people. Join the new age revolution today.


  • Working with Shop Share UK and Brexit International Trade Centre we are able to go global on a truely international scale. This will be achieved at a fraction of the cost in the traditional way.

  • AI UPGRADE Artificial Intelligence enables the user to interact with voice commands controlling 4 lights. Shopping. Music. Alarm. Memo. Jokes. Facts and a whole host of features. 

  • Full demonstration on installation. Our  engineers will spend time with you so you are completely satisfied with your synth.

  • We have various care packages available. Ask for details. 28 days delivery, both male and female models available. Free initial consultation, why not give us a call and discuss your requirements.  Free upgrades  are available on selected packages. The Future Now. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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We are looking for partners to be the first in this exciting new era of the #Synth

Customer satisfaction is a must  for all our clients. We will continue to upgrade as we develop new technologies. Ask about details on how you can join us. #TheFutureNow

 Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Investor information

  • Human Synth will be the #1 worldwide vendor of premium consumer Synthetic Humans for the leisure and business markets. We're proud that our name has come to mean quality.

  • We create value for our shareholders through continued development of cutting edge artificial intelligence, helping to make the world a better and more efficient place.

  • Tests conducted in a controlled laboratory environment. Production units may vary.Human Synth take no responsibility for the actions of Synths that are not running the latest firmware update. Factory resets should only be carried out by certified Human Synth technicians.

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