Ethicoco  Chocolate Company



 Part of Brexit  Team looking to expand into Europe and Globally/

The Shop Enspector. Brexit International Trade Centre.


  • Soy free, with no genetically modified ingredients. The chocolate is created in a dairy and nut free environment, and is the only bean to bar chocolate manufacturer in Hampshire.

    All my ingredients are sourced ethically, whether this means direct trade, fair trade or local produce, I endeavour that the ingredients have as little negative impact on the world we share as possible.


  • Organic farming practices, no nasty artificial pesticides

  • GM free

  • Ethically sourced, no slavery, no child labour, and fair prices paid.

  • 100% Recyclable Packaging

Starting with the sorting, any beans not meeting standards are removed, before gently roasting them in a rotating drum. After the beans have cooled, their shells are removed and the beans are proceeded to be ground and conched into a smooth liquid along with any required ingredients.


  • The Shop Inspector #theshopinspector 


The  Shop Inspector Concept (Available to hire) 

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