Corporate Training

Public Speaking -  The technique required by actors to hold an audience’s attention can be translated into business or public speaking. This can be a daunting experience, we show you not only how to hold your audience’s attention but how to win their support by:

  • Vocally –      Breathing and relaxation techniques and vocal power

  • Physically -  Eye contact and expression through body language

  • Construction – Writing and preparing a winning speech

  • Objections -  Handling questions

  • Practices – Role play and constructive criticism

Team Building – A happy team that have bonded equals a successful team and company

We help you to build your team morale. How to lead your team and be part of the team. Team leadership and sustaining positive relationships by developing ‘team’ culture.

Press and Media Interview Training

How to express your message clearly in an interview situation when every second counts.


  • Working with a camera

  • Eye Contact

  • Verbal and Listening Skills

  • Press Interview Requirements

  • Maximise your publicity by understanding requirements

Presentation Skills

Prevent nerves from affecting your presentation.

How to use your voice to communicate effectively. We explore breathing, relaxation and vocal strength. How to use your body language, movement, gesture and eye contact to full effect.

We look at presentation structure, audience rapport and objection handling.The presentation is delivered through role play with constructive feedback.


Communication Skills

We show what sets apart the mediocre from the great communicators?

How to handle nerves physically and vocally.

Examining vocal and body language, eye contact and hand gestures to communicate your point.

Customer Service

Train your employees to offer premium customer service through role play.



The Etiquette of Retail Workshop 

Retail Etiquette 1  Day.


 9.30 registration for 10am till 3pm

ongoing support and coaching will be available. 

 Dates to Follow.

  • Greetings and fond farewell.

  • Open Questions

  • Selling additional services.

  • Till procedure.

  • Customer Service.

  • Body Language.

  • Selling to multiple customers.

  • Greetings and fond farewell in all major languages.

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The Etiquette of Retail

The Shop Inspector Academy of retail excellence.

This is a visual & exciting ,not your normal course.

hThrough especially designed workshops The Shop Inspector incorporates greetings and fond farewell in all major languages. Through politeness and respect we will give our customers the ultimate VIP treatment. Features - Advantages Benefits with add on's being a natural part of the conversation. Creating a standard never seen before. 

Each successful candidate will receive a badge of honor given by The Shop Inspector. There will be personally recommended by The Shop Inspector to employers. We will create a whole new breed of the best of the best.

We will make your business money.


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 Workshops to include visual in role plays and scenarios  
 Greetings and Fond farewell in all major languages
 Body Language
 Video Library
 Meet and Greet
 Listen
 Features Advantages Benefits
 Summery
 Close the sale
 Fond Farewell
 Etiquette in treating people
 How to conduct yourself with customers and staff.
 Morning Briefing
 End of day briefing
 Promotions
 Marketing
 Customer Service
 Management
 Coaching
 Teamwork
 Opening your first shop
 Stock Control
 Till procedures
 All to have Heath and Safety
 All to be First Aid at work certified
 Security
 Theft
 Certificate and badge of honor for the best of the best



Retail Etiquette 

09.30 - 10.00 Coffee, course objectives and introductions

10.00 - 11.00 Greetings and fond farewell

(understanding greetings in all major major languages as well as how important body language is)

11.00 - 11.15 Coffee Break

11.15 - 12.00 Shop Etiquette

(How to conduct yourself both with staff and customers while you match needs with add ons and close sale)

12.00 - 13.00 Customer Service with empathy politeness and respect.

13.00 - 14.00 Lunch

14.00 - 15.00 Team work Etiquette and coaching

(How to engage with colleague to get the best from a team and enjoy the success it brings to the business)

15.00 - 15.15 Tea Break

15.15 - 16.00 Till Procedures  Etiquette and how to be that great ambassador as the last great memory of their visit. 

16.00 - 16.30 Recap with ongoing support with actions ongoing.

                             Etiquette handouts to practise what's learnt.

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